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Title Insurance Services at American Land Title Company

What is Title Insurance?

Buying a home is, for many of us, the biggest single investment we'll ever make. Knowing this, most homeowners provide for the security and safekeeping of their homes by insuring them against hazards such as fire, theft and weather damage.

There is another hazard that can pose an even greater risk to homeownership: Defects in the title to your property can cause you to lose part or all of the investment in your home.

Fortunately, there is a way to protect your investment from these title defects. It comes in the form of title insurance.

When you buy a home, you want to be certain it's safely yours. But even the most diligent search of the public records could fail to disclose a number of title defects. Things such as a forged will or deed, a title transfer by someone under age, a married person conveying real estate without his or her spouse, or fraudulent impersonations, secret marriages, undisclosed heirs, invalid divorces and false affidavits are just a few of the problems that can suddenly surface. Without the protection of the title insurance, you'll be in jeopardy of losing your investment.

For lenders, title insurance offers financial protection, which makes loans more negotiable in the secondary market and allows lenders greater flexibility in upgrading their portfolios.

For home buyers and commercial investors, title insurance provides peace of mind, the assurance that their investments are protected for as long as they or their heirs retain an interest in the property.

American Land Title Company's underwriters are Chicago Title Insurance Company, Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company, and Old Republic National Title Insurance Company